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Remove, exchange, make disappear or produce ... The RSVP Hero allows you to do everything.

The RSVP Box is an amazing utilitarian tool that can reveal, disappear and transform any small object into another object. Here is an absolute classic of magic reinvented for the modern artist. Available in three catchy finishes, this solid aluminum box is extremely simple to use and is delivered with many routines adapted to the close-up, the living room and the stage, including a variation in the Matthew stage routine.

With routines including cards, rings and money, the RSVP Box is really suitable for all occasions. With more than two hours of detailed instructions, nothing is left to chance. The box is delivered with a "subcathers" transport bag specially designed to allow "uncovered" exchanges never made before. The box locks magnetically and can be manipulated by the spectator, who is also able to remove the object from the inside of the box himself. No need for switch and fun movements at the culmination of the routine - the object in the box is really the object.

Each RSVP comes complete with a box, an elegant black padlock and a concealment bag.

  • Dark Knight is a solid aluminum box, covered with a powder coating with a very trendy "metal gray" finish.
  • Silver Samurai is an attractive polished aluminum box with signs of natural aging for an authentic ancient silver aspect.
  • Magneto has a stainless steel powder finish added to a solid aluminum body.

With instructions to download from the original plastic RSVP box and handling bonuses, the RSVP Hero is the ideal locking box for professional artists.