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Catégorie : Nuts

Référence : PERFECTP_RED

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We have spoken to many scammers who make the nut shells for money for money. Few of them use sponge or latex peas.

They generally work with pea sculpted from pencil gums, because the latter operate on more surfaces and do not "escape" during a routine.

It took a lot of experimentation and efforts to achieve what we call "The perfect pea".

These peas work on any surface, including glass and marble. They do not lose their adhesion with time or use as do the latex peas.

Unlike latex peas, they are uniform size and shape, which greatly facilitates their change and offers many new possibilities to obtain peas from a charger.

We also believe that magic and play demonstrations will be reinforced by the excellent appearance and touching these peas.

Delivered with a game of 5 latex peas and two "hard" peas to leave them on the exam.