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Langue :

Catégorie : Carpet

Marque : TCC


Color :

After 140 days of continuous research and development, we have new breakthroughs on our carpet.

TCC has a luxury carpet.

The surface is a personalized pattern that we choose. This is the motif of the vintage roller, which is a fusion of the Chinese and Western styles, and which is particularly exquisite in the proposed color.

In total, 3 colors will be available.

The fabric is smooth and comfortable to the touch, and it will not produce a "color change" effect when you rub your hands on the surface. The complex pattern has an impression of professionalism and elegance.

Supported by a high density sponge, the surface is softer and more professional. Not too hard, but quite soft. Sponge and fabric are perfectly adjusted, and excellent resilience highlights the characteristics of the fabric.

The base is a hardwood panel, wrapped in embossed black lychee, which has great integrity and is non -slip and wear -resistant.

For packaging, we used a high quality black cardboard envelope with a window with a unique design. You can intuitively feel the texture of the fabric and leather while seeing the color agree. Experience it visually and tactfully.

Strong points :

  • Perfect for all kinds of close-up routines.
  • Solid without being too heavy.
  • The interstitial air layer created by the embossed pattern is perfect for spreading and mixing the playing cards.
  • The matt fabric is not too rigid and has a moderate tooth.
  • The fabric does not produce a "color change" effect when you rub your hands on the surface.
  • Comfortable and soft to the touch.
  • The fabric adapts perfectly to the towel of high density, excellent resilience and soft padding of the surface.
  • Lydchi embossed black leather background. Non -slip and wear resistant.
  • The upper layer and the base are both supported by hardwood planks.
  • High quality personalized black cardboard envelope packaging, with a unique window design. You can See the product more clearly.
  • The size is 50 x 34 x 1.2 cm and the weight is approximately 1.5 kg. Fully meet daily needs.