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yoan tanuji

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Langue : French

Catégorie : Book test , book

Marque : Magic Dream

Niveau : Easy enough



The Ejo Book Test is certainly, according to magicians authoritative in the field of mentalism, the best book test, in French, published to date.

Ejo Book Test is undoubtedly the absolute weapon of your shows.

Thanks to the Ejo Book Test, you will be for your spectators The person who reads in their most intimate thoughts.

Note that the 6 Ejo Book Test have an identical text, allowing additional routines.

"As a mentalist, I have been appreciating for a long time the book tests. Some use principles adaptable to any book, others require" fake "works! Among these, those available in French are counted on the fingers of A hand of a clumsy lumberjack. And "available" is a big word ...

It was therefore with a lot of pleasure that I discovered the Ejo Book Test Product by Yoan Tanuji & Magic Dream. Instead of confining themselves to a single system, close to the MOABT (Mother of All Book Tests) which presents certain limits, they created a test book offering various possibilities of staging.

In my book Compendium Sortilégionis, I describe a routine called "Corona Typewriter 1914"; If I had known the Ejo Book Test during this period, I would have advised it without hesitation.

I also need book test in other forms of evenings on the theme of x-mentalism (Mentalism with X-Men) and their work has just found a place of choice. The procedures are simple, logical and viable. I therefore confirm the highly professional quality of this "object" in a sometimes mercantile world which is not concerned with the truly professional use which can be made of the routines created. Well done and thank you "

- Christian Chelman

  • Book in French
  • Pocket format
  • More than 40 keywords.

There is obviously no accomplice or electronic equipment. The tour will be delivered to you with a very detailed use manual!