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Langue :

Catégorie : Classic

Marque : Bicycle

Référence : BREGOPCO_R

Color :

American cards par excellence!

They are used by most cartomans in the NTIER world.

They have characteristics: a white edge, two indexes and a good touch (neither too flexible nor too hard).

Rider Back bicycle card games are essential. Whether you are a budding or experienced magician, or a simple player, a playing cards quality is essential.

These bicycle brand card games are distinguished by their excellent value for money, and their aura.

Timeless aesthetics, authentic packaging.

Coming from the USPCC collection, this Rider Back bicycle game stands out for its classic and refined dorsal design, presented in its original case. Unlike standard bicycle games available commonly, this model excludes any form of advertising or unprofessional stickers on the case, a significant detail for magicians. The rear of the case is a faithful replica of the design on the back of the cards.

Designed for poker games, this game benefits from premium paper and an exclusive Air-Cushion finish, ensuring optimal handling and longevity, perfect for a variety of manipulations, towers and cardistry effects. The quality remains homogeneous from one game to another.

THE playing cards Rider Back bicycle excels both in magic art and in classic card games. Its superior quality is ideal for services, while its cost accessible by cartridge allows regular use during training, which is particularly advantageous to perfect its techniques.

Note that we offer both "the old" model and the "new", only the case differs but the cards they remain identical!

Proposed in in red or in blue, per unit; or by 12 game cartridges (6 red / 6 blue) - Select the option of your choice.