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Langue :

Catégorie : Rings

Référence : ANELPKAD19E

Color :

The PK Ring is a magnetic ring. With this ring, you will have a powerful magnet constantly at hand and you can make disappearances of parts, trips of easily parts, move objects from a distance.

Effect 1: The magician shows a 5 -cents of Euro in one hand and an empty glass bottle closed. In an instant, simply striking the glass with the room, it will end inside the bottle.

Effect 2: The magician opens a classic box of matches and leaves the drawer a 1 euro piece. It closes the box and places the room on it. In an instant, the room will pierce the lid and end inside the box.

Here are some of the possible effects with this tool. You will find them both explained in the original instructions, as well as a third.

• You can choose the silver or gold color ring and in small sizes (18 mm in diameter) or medium (20 mm in diameter) or large (22 mm in diameter) depending on the available stocks.