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Langue : French

Catégorie : Pieces

Référence : 2€MARQUERP

valler :

Again available, discover a wide choice of pieces "€ 2 marked" ...

The effects you will make with this room will be all the more strong as you will take a part of € 2.

The classic effect is as follows:
The magician takes a room of € 2, places it in a piece of paper and place it on top of a returned glass. A card is then chosen by a spectator (the 2 of clover). The card isroved in the game.
The magician takes a lighter from his pocket and explains that a lighter flame has very special particularities (she can, among other things, capture an image, a thought) and therefore asks the spectator to look at the flame in front of him while thinking In the name of his chosen card.
Then, the magician approaches the flame of paper that covers the room. The paper consumes a flash revealing a part of € 2 with the name of the chosen card engraved in its center.

The room is laterally pierced with a 2 and a clover.

The magician proposes to return the room to the spectator but, taking the room in hand, it is magically reconstituted. The spectator therefore recovers a completely intact piece.