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Langue : Anglais

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Type : Video

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Référence : 73477

Matt Pilcher's Halloween Double Feature

Two of Matt's spookiest releases are now available in one instant download. (And just in time for Halloween!)

First on this instant download is Matt's release 'NORMAL'

This effect is the ultimate in Geek Magic. You take a needle and slowly push it through your HAND! Your spectators can see that it IS A REAL needle and it REALLY IS going right through your hand.

This effect dates back hundreds of years and although others have taught the secret previously, those explanations are either no longer commercially available or are lacking some key safety information. Magic creator and 'Student of Bizarre' Matt Pilcher has spent over two years studying this effect and has decided to reveal the secret so those wishing to perform this dangerous stunt can do so safely. Too many people have tried to perform this without proper instruction and advice from a professional.

Pilcher covers everything you need to know. He covers what size and type of needle you should use, how to store your needles, how to locate the safest area on your hand, and what you should expect to feel while performing this.

"Damn, crazy and BADASS!"
- Luke Gould (Of Skeleton Man Tattoo Studio in Witney, Oxfordshire)

"Incredible, great precision work and truly mystifying!"
- Felicity Denham (Body Piercer and Body Mod Artist at Hook & Eye in Witney, Oxfordshire)

"That's some creepy Halloween type sh*t! That's mad... Good though."
- Dan Ebery (Film-Maker and Magician)

"Dope Bro!"
- David Rangel (Award Winning Magician)

Further information on similar effects can be found in the Swami Mantra book.

WARNING: Performances and explanations within this video are for entertainment and informational purposes ONLY. Any buyer (or viewer) assumes FULL responsibility and shall not hold Matt Pilcher, producers, or any other parties involved with the production and/or distribution of this video responsible for all and any ill effects resulting from the viewing of this video. Perform this material at YOUR OWN RISK and ALWAYS consult a physician before performing anything contained in this video.

The second effect on this double feature instant download, is Matt's release 'The Devil Eight My Card'

The Devil Eight My Card is an easy to do miracle from magic creator Matt Pilcher.

Using a borrowed deck, with ZERO set-up your spectator takes out ANY eight cards.

They are then asked to think of any one of the eight cards and to remember it.

The cards are then shuffled and mixed, the spectator getting to decide where cards go in the shuffle. REMEMBER the magician DOES NOT know what card the spectator is thinking of. The cards are placed on the table and the magician NEVER touches the cards again from this point. It is only at this point when the cards are out of the magicians hands, that the spectator can name the card they are thinking of.

The spectator is then instructed to look through the cards, their thought of card has completely disappeared! What happened to it? Where did it go? .. The Devil has taken it!

A few points to remember.
  • This can be done 100% impromptu with a borrowed shuffled deck.
  • All you need is eight cards. (of the spectators choice)
  • You really DON'T know what card they're thinking of.
  • There is ZERO set-up! If someone has eight cards, you're good to go.
Two of Matt's spookiest releases are now available in one instant download.

Matt Pilcher's Halloween Double Feature OUT NOW!