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Langue : Anglais

Téléchargeable : Oui

Type : Video

Catégorie :

Référence : 70007

It is literally just a thought in the spectator's head, complete with a mind boggling kicker ending!

The magician introduces a pack of cards and a prediction. The magician can shuffle the deck and even cut it a few times. The prediction is kept in full view the entire time, in front of the spectator while the trick is being performed. The magician asks the spectator to call out any number between 1 and 52. This is a genuine free choice, no forcing whatsoever.

Let's say the spectator chose the number 14 .The magician very fairly starts dealing cards from the top of the deck. On reaching the 14th position we have one card, that card is the four of spades. The magician then directs everyone's attention to the prediction that has been sitting there the entire time. They are asked to turn over and look at the prediction and to everyone's surprise, the prediction and the card at the 14th position are an exact match. Now while the spectators are freaking out, the magician tells them that the trick would not have been possible if they would not have chosen the number 14 because all the cards inside this deck are absolutely "blank", there are no cards in the deck. The only card that he had was the four of spades on the 14th position.

BOOM! Literally a thought!

No memorization.

No gimmicks .

Easy to do.

Works every time.

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