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Langue : Anglais

Téléchargeable : Oui

Type : Mixed (multiple file types)

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Référence : 73362

Four excellent ESP effects with cards - and they're easy to do!

The INTRODUCTION provides a wealth of information about performance, spectator control...and even jokes!

These four effects will fool magicians... just wait until your next club meeting...especially the title effect, UNSEEN!

1. UNSEEN is a devilishly clever effect that will fool anyone. Shuffle a deck of cards (it really is an ordinary deck!) and display it, faces outward, for all to see - then shuffle it again! The performer NEVER ONCE looks at the faces of the cards. The spectator makes a free selection and then shuffles the cards herself...the performer never once sees the cards...and yet, reads her mind...and it's very easy to do! This will make the hair on her neck, stand up! Oh so very, very CLEVER!

2. The Lady Finds It! - Wow is this a cool effect...and it's impromptu! A selected card is lost in the deck. A man can't find it...but the woman can! She holds the deck herself, and she counts down herself, and finds her own card...herself! Watch the look on her face! So easy to do!

3. The Power of Woman - A very baffling discovery of a selection...where it CANNOT BE! Yup! The woman does it!

4. REPEATER - This effect is fun, easy to do, and amazing! Paul has stumped some of the best magicians in the world with this very clever concept - and it is ridiculously easy to do! You won't think it works...but it DOES, every single time!

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