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Langue : Anglais

Téléchargeable : Oui

Type : Ebook

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Référence : 74465

A 100% sure fire way to divine a thought of word with nothin

g written down.

The first book In The 'Less' trilogy! Wordless is my brand new word divination where with nothing written down, you can know exactly what your participant is thinking.

I believe in full transparency in everything I release, so the performance description you're about to read is incredibly extensive and detailed however, It's 100% accurate.

You walk up to your participant with nothing more than a deck of cards and a blank card stuck to the case, after explaining that everyone is too predictable when given the opportunity to think of a 'random' word. You explain that people when offered, will often just choose foods and activties they enjoy. Instead you offer a different way to think of a word.

You display the box of the cards, moving attention to a blank card glued to the back of the box. Which has a group of letters and numbers. The card reads A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5 and so on until 26-Z.

You explain that a deck of cards is the ultimate alphabet, there is 26 letters in the alphabet and if you were to take out any two cards, consider their value and added them together, you can create any number up to 26.

The deck is shuffled and the participant deals the cards and stops truly whenever they want. They can even deal chunks off of the deck. The participant picks up the top two cards and adds the values together.

They glance over the card box and find their number with their letter next to it. You ask the participant to focus on their truly random letter. You provide a list of random categories such as jewellery, brands, colors, names and you ask the participant to visualise their letter and think of a word that fits into a category that begins with their random letter.

With no crazy memorization you can slowly or quickly divine their thought of word.

This is a real side step to the word divination concept, instead of a participant thinking of a word, writing it down and the written paper gets torn. It's all done in their head, there isn't some ridiculous mind games, it's easy to follow and truly feels random. I wanted to craft something that provided a feeling of true randomness and subsequently a sense of "impossible".

I wanted the participant to be left with the immediate thought of, "how...there is just no way". I also wanted to create a routine that used a deck of cards but not in the conventional manor of "think of a card".

With every purchase of Wordless you will receive (1) Lost Message. This message is a routine that has been cut into three. Each installment of this "less" trilogy will hold one piece of the message. Own all three, and you'll receive a new bonus routine.