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Langue : Anglais

Téléchargeable : Oui

Type : Ebook

Catégorie :

Référence : 73531

Paul Romhany started VANISH in 2011 and is considered the most cutting-edge magazine for magicians in the world. Each issue contains magic tricks, reviews, essays, feature stories and more.


86 pages
  • Featuring Charles Magicien from Las Vegas and Helen Coghlan from Australia. Two very different styles of magic from two different parts of the world.
  • Editorial
  • The Adventures of Pokkus
  • The Politics of Comedy magic by Nick Lewin
  • Tafelmusik - Grand Illusion by Luisa Trisi
  • A Squib in the world by Felicity Fields
  • Kids Vs Family Shows - Christopher T. Magician
  • Nest of boxes - Trick - Christopher T. Magician
  • Re-blocking the visitor - Trick - by Gregg Webb
  • Extracting Silver - Trick - by Louie Foxx
  • Product Reviews - Room 66, Cardiographic Reset Pro, Saga Universal Tarot, in Case of Emergency by Adam Wilber, Get Money by George Iglesias and Louis Frenchy, Chained by Perry Maynard, Catch by Vanishing Inc., Apollo by Nicholas Lawrence, 4K Color Vision by Brent Braun, Giant Close-up Pad by Vanishing Inc.