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Langue : Anglais

Téléchargeable : Oui

Type : Ebook

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Référence : 69141


The performer hands over a paper containing a set of instructions to the spectator & brings forth a few envelopes. The envelopes are opened & are found to contain cards bearing names of various countries such as India, Australia, USA, Argentina & Italy. He places the cards back inside their respective envelopes & hands them over to the spectator for thorough mixing. Next the spectator is instructed to place the envelopes in a row on the table in any order he wishes. The performer then takes out a prediction card & places it on the table in full view of the spectator .Next, he hands over the spectator 5 different coloured chips. One of these chips is selected by the spectator.The performer also asks his volunteer to call out any number in between 1 & 10.

Now, with the help of the instruction sheet earlier handed out to the spectator & also by means of the chip chosen by him & his called out number one of the 5 envelopes is chosen & the rest are discarded. The name of the country on the card inside the selected envelope is noted.

The performer, now, hands over the prediction card to the spectator & to the utter surprise it is seen that it bears the number freely called out by the spectator, the colour of his selected chip & the name of the country on his chosen card!

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