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Langue : Anglais

Téléchargeable : Oui

Type : Ebook

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Référence : 73420

The Remastered Assortment is a brand new eBook holding six of my favorite effects from The Remastered Series with a bonus NEVER BEFORE SEEN effect. For the first time ever, you can learn these new tools in an inexpensive booklet. You'll learn new Prop less routines, billet peeks, card forces and more. If you want a small taste of what The Remastered Series has inshore then this booklet is for you.

Typhon - My version of the Instant Access Centre Tear, it's easy and quick.

Additional Opposites - Your participant can think of any two words that are opposites (off/on, left/right) and you can divine both with no props.

Abaddon - Learn the secret to my version of the classic Living and Dead test. This routine zeroes into the participants own skills, their feelings and intuition. You n perform this one on one closeup or in front of crowds of people.

Obsolete - This is one of my favorite card forces of all time, the participant is shown a pack of 10 cards, they are shuffled and through a simple process, they decide on a card and although their gut says they had a free choice, you were able to control the outcome 100% of the time.

FRQZXW - The participant is shown a group of cards with a different random jumble of letters and numbers on each card. The participant decides on a card and they think of a random word that they associate with the jumble. The performer divines the thought of word, with no Dual Reality, Stooging or Anagrams.

Positive vs Negative - The spectator is shown four different cards, one of the cards have a positive statement while the other three of the four saying negative statements. The participant shuffles and trusts their own energy as they choose a random card. The card they chose will always be the positive card with 100% accuracy.

(NEVER BEFORE SEEN) Soul Sweep - Imagine walking up to your participant, asking them to write down a word that represents the person closest to them. They fold it up and they themselves tear that exact card. You then can tell them exactly what they are thinking of.

These 7 routines are my favorite tried and tested effects that absolutely blow the participants away. These effects come from my two books, Remastered Volume One - Billets and Remastered Volume Two - Psychological Forces.

The booklet is 60 pages long

"I like it. I like the different take on the living/dead, and the ***** works great. Nice sequence"
- Mark Strivings on Abaddon.

"Additional Opposites is a fun easy direct way to nail two things in one swoop. It reminds me of Alman's Scorpion Tail, but this is essentially prop less, which is very nice"
- Mohamed Khaled on Additional Opposites.