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pierre acourt

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Langue : Anglais

Catégorie : Cartes , Livre

Marque : Magic Dream

Référence : 4SWITCH_EN

What is 4 Switch ?

A method : Pierre Acourt has "revisited" a little-known and yet ingenious method that uses the permutation of 3 objects (or 3 people). This process is totally different from Bob Hummer's famous principle based on permutations and updated with the Green Neck system.

The advantage of 4 SWITCH is that the magician does not need to know the order of the objects before turning around.
Of course there are hidden constraints, but they are so subtle that your spectator will be able to swear that he has shuffled it around as much as he wanted and as many times as he wanted. There is a whole chapter in this book entitled "verbal subtleties" that will allow you to achieve this result.

You will receive :

  • A book with many mentalistic effects : Chair test, which hand, Free will, divinations, coincidences, impromptu effects with everyday objects (coins, business cards...), magic square, stage trick, etc...
  • A very original deck of 51 cards (designed by an artist) that will allow you to perform the tricks described in the book, but also to use it on other occasions. The deck includes a complete set of ESP cards (25 cards), 2 sets of numbers from 0 to 9, and 6 chifumi cards.
  • All cards have a secret marking on their backs.

An example of a very direct "CHIRO POCKET" effect :

A spectator chooses 3 small objects and puts them on a table. The magician's back is turned, the objects are shuffled, then the spectator take the objects: one in his pocket, one in his left hand and one in his right hand. The magician faces again (or not) and announces which object the spectator has in his pocket, then in his left hand and in his right hand.

  • The spectator doesn't have to answer during the revelations.
  • The result is 100% sure.
  • If you do the trick again, the objects may end up in other positions.
  • The magician does not peek before, after or during.
  • No accomplices.
  • No electronics or gimmicks.

"An excellent find, straight out of Pierre Acourt's creative brain. The basic principle of 4-Switch is an indispensable tool for the close-up mentalist, offering him a whole range of effects that can be realized in an impromptu and very convincing way. For the mentalist, not to be interested in 4-Switch is, in my humble opinion, professional misconduct..."
- Eric Bertrand, co-author of Douceurs Mentales 1 and 2

"What a joy to see an old principle brought up to date ! A variation that makes the method safe and a presentation that makes it invisible: this is a formidable tool to master absolutely. Bravo !"
- Gabriel Werlen, author of the Green Neck System

Features :

  • Possibilities for really impromptu effects that are always different.
  • Very easy to learn.
  • Can be used on stage or in close-up.
  • Use objects from the company you work for, this principle is 100% customizable.
  • Book in English.
  • A5 format.
  • 100 pages.
  • Four-colour soft cover.
  • Quality card game
  • "Poker" format